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What You Can Expect By Working With Us

Reclaimed Control & Confidence

We help you take full control of your brand presence on Amazon. In many cases, the partners that work with us have had this stolen from them by unauthorized third-party sellers. By processing your brand through the Amazon Brand Registry, establishing platform-wide pricing consistencies, and creating uniform branding—among other things—we restore the trust of your customers.

Improved Distributor & Retailer Relationships

Through implementing a consistent pricing strategy and increasing the awareness of your brand on Amazon, your distributors and retailers will no longer be forced to view the platform as a fierce competitor for the sale of your products. In fact, they may even see an increase in their sales as your brand becomes more and more popular.

Complete Turnkey Experience

Amazon is an incredibly complex platform to master and it continues to change every day. We have spent the past eight years cracking the code to ensure the success of the brands we work alongside. As long as you can keep an open line of communication with us and replenish your inventory on time, you will undoubtedly see your sales climb and profit grow by working with us!

Why do you NEED to take control of your brand’s Amazon presence?

When a customer buys your product, they inherently form a relationship with your brand.

So, by not controlling your Amazon presence, you are passively giving up control of your product's presentation and fulfillment to unauthorized third-party sellers. Doing so critically endangers your brand’s reputation through counterfeit sales, negative reviews, and poor shipping practices.

Unfortunately, this risk extends far beyond Amazon, threatening B2B relationships and your overall market share as perceptions of low-quality or untrusted products rise.

Not sure where to start? Check out all of the solutions we offer!

Solutions We Offer

Your complete end-to-end Amazon partner

As a client, you are our top priority. Our dedicated team takes care of all things Amazon related, so you can focus on building your business. We partner with manufacturers and brand owners who all share two common goals: Protecting their reputation and growing their revenue on Amazon.

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NEW FBA Reimbursement Filing | Amazon Owes You Money, We'll Get It Back for You!

Amazon-Tailored Branding

Create a new Amazon-centric design for your brand, placing you leagues ahead of your competition.

Listing Optimization

Combine in-depth platform research with strategic copywriting & graphic design to effectively communicate your brand’s value.

Inventory Management

Accurate inventory forecasting & replenishment solutions to minimize out-of-stocks, storage and order costs, and inventory days on hand.

On-Platform Advertising

Total management of Amazon advertising campaigns that drive revenue and increase your brand’s reach.

Account & Listing Protection

Active Amazon catalog monitoring to protect against unauthorized sellers, impersonators, suspensions, suppressions, and more.

Catalog Expansion

Pairing data-driven opportunities from Amazon with your company to formulate entirely new products and grow all sales channels.

What’s included in our State of Unauthorized Resellers Report

Our team of experts at Movement Retail will dive deep into Amazon’s vast catalog to identify every active listing that your products are being sold underneath of, granting you a birds-eye view of who is representing your brand/products and how exactly they are doing so.

Active Listings
Reseller Identification
Estimated Sales Volume
Tailored Plan of Action
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