Movement Retail’s State of Unauthorized Resellers Report

In the next 48 hours you’ll have a clear understanding of each and every one of your products that are being sold on Amazon!

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Movement Retail Unauthorized Reseller Report

Here is What Your Report Will Include

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Active Listings

Our team will dive into the frontend and backend of Amazon to identify each and every one of your products that are being distributed on Amazon. This includes all single units, case packs, customized multi-packs, incorrectly branded products, and more! We will use this identification to fuel the insights gained in the rest of your comprehensive report.

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Reseller Identification

Using the comprehensive active listings report we pulled, we will identify the total amount of individual resellers who are currently distributing your products on Amazon. From here, we will go even deeper to identify up to 10 resellers’ legal business names, business addresses, and phone numbers for you to potentially take immediate action on.

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Estimated Sales Volume

It wouldn’t be enough to only provide you with a list of products, so our team will be spending the time to generate estimated monthly and annual sales volume for ALL of the product listings we identify. This will allow you to gain a clear understanding of the immense volume that these resellers are distributing through Amazon (and without your permission)!

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Tailored Plan of Action

With such a comprehensive overview of your catalog, we’ll be able to provide you with a tailored plan of action that you will likely be able to implement the same day that you receive your report! And, as always, we will be on standby should you decide that you’d like our expert team to take over!

State of Unauthorized Resellers Report

Our team of experts at Movement Retail will dive deep into Amazon’s vast catalog to identify every active listing that your products are being sold underneath of, granting you a birds-eye view of who is representing your brand/products and how exactly they are doing so.

Active Listings
Reseller Identification
Estimated Sales Volume
Tailored Plan of Action
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